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January 2012 News, China Real Estate:

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We provide introductory services to anyone interested to know more about real estate brokers and development companies in Beijing. Tell us what you are interested in and then we can send you a list of China real estate companies and development companies in Beijing. We can also help you step by step to take care of China legal matters regarding your China property purchase, title documents, negotiations with Chinese real estate agents, etc.

Let us know which kind of packages you want, and we can do the research and introduce you to Beijing real estate agencies, brokers, and law firms. You can also contact the US Embassy Commercial office in Beijing for a list of real estate companies in Beijing.

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China real estate prices in the major cities have stabilized or been declining slightly during the past months.
This show that the Chinese government regulations for house purchase and lending practices have had some positive effect in cooling the market.

Beijing Real Estate

We'd need to have more details from you about the kind of properties you would be  interested in, then we can prepare all the info you need, and introduce you to law firms in Beijing or to Beijing real estate companies.

We can also arrange the meetings with the city business and government leaders in the
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We will help you find an Beijing apartment to buy, and can help you find a local real estate company that can lease it out if you want to use them as your property management team.
  beijing townhouse

There are smaller projects such as purchasing a local apartment or home, for example in the Shunyi
area of Beijing
(see photos below).
Some of the condominiums are selling for about $200,000 USD, and the villas are from $350,000 to
$6,000,000 USD.

You can purchase one of these villas or condos and we can introduce you to local companies that can help you fix it up for you for resale or leasing.
The area is less than 3 minutes from the new Beijing International Exhibition Center.
The Beijing monorail is scheduled to come through this area and have a stop near the back of the Exhibition Center.

Introductions to Beijing realestate and properties development companies and management services.
Beijing real estate agents.

Here is one new project in Beijing, Grand Opening later in 2011.

Millenium Mall, Beijing China

beijing mall
approximately 700,000 square feet new shopping center in Beijing.
Regarding all 4 buildings on Qian Xi Street.
Beijing real estate broker.

beijing shopping center
Beijing Shopping Center
They are separated as follows: (in order from west to east)
Building A: 5 floors above ground, 1 floor below. Total height: 19m.
Total surface area: 15,700 m2 .

Building B: 4 floors above ground, 1 floor below. Total height: 19m.
Total surface area: 19,200 m2..

Building C: 4 floors above ground, 1 floor below. Total height: 19m.
Total surface area: 11,900 m2 .

Building D: Currently only 2 stories, in preparation to add another 2 more.
Estimated completed total height: 21m.
This will be the Beijing FengTai district's biggest movie theater.
(This will be a very popular movie complex in Beijing!)

Millenium Mall Movie theatre multi-screen
beijing theatre

Millenium Mall, Beijing Mall, main entrance
beijing shopping mall
The Mall is not far from the center of Beijing. This is prime real estate space.
Lease property in Beijing, Beijing real estate agents.

For more information abut the Millenium Mall leasing program,
please contact us.

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  beijing villa
Beijing villas and Beijing condos and China properties

China business and stock market

China may expand property tax to Guangzhou, Nanjing -report - Reuters (2012-1-6)
New housing sales fall to lowest in 6 years - People's Daily Online (2012-1-6)
Hangzhou land sales down 2011 - CCTV (2012-1-6)
Gemdale Corp's 2011 property sales up 9.1% - China Knowledge Online (2012-1-6)
Beijing Capital Devt to raise RMB 5 bln - China Knowledge Online (2012-1-6)
UPDATE 1-China Vanke sales plunge suggests tough year ahead - Reuters (2012-1-5)
New Year housing sales drop 60% in Beijing - CHINADAILY (2012-1-5)
China's home prices drop for 4th month - (2012-1-5)
China Vanke reports 30.3% plunge in property sales for Dec - China Knowledge Online (2012-1-5)
Land sales in 130 Chinese cities down 13% in 2011 - China Knowledge Online (2012-1-5)
Tianjin's 2nd-hand apartment sales down 34.8% in 2011 - China Knowledge Online (2012-1-5)
Beijing's home sales plummet in 2011 on curbs: report - (2012-1-4)
Harsh winter for property market as revenue slides - The Standard (2012-1-4)
Land sales in Chinese cities fall 13 pct in 2011: report - (2012-1-4)
Shanghai's property prices may down 20% in 2012: analysts - China Knowledge Online (2012-1-4)
S&P withdraws Cheung Kong's rating - (2011-12-30)
Shanghai sees land prices fall first time in 3 years - (2011-12-30)
Affordable housing lifts volume of land sales - (2011-12-30)
SOHO China acquires plot in Shanghai for RMB 4 bln - China Knowledge Online (2011-12-30)
Fewer housing projects to sell - (2011-12-29)

If you are interested to know more about the
development of China shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, etc, then we can help you also by introducing you to local brokers and real estate companies or attorneys.

China stock market and business information  

China trade, manufacturing, and consulting companies
There are China real estate development projects in many areas of China.

Currently we know about a new mall project to be developed near the center of Beijing.


Beijing Real Estate, Beijing Capital Paradise Villas. As of September 2010 the value
of these villas is
20000 RMB per square meter. And the prices are rising.
This is a convenient location not far from the
Beijing airport, and there are
shuttle bus services to several areas downtown Beijing. More
than 40 different
nationalities live in these communities. There are at least four other large
and condominium communities in this general area of Shunyi district Beijing: Yosemite,
Le Lehman, Dragon Villas, Lane Bridge, River Garden, and others being built now.
Many large beautiful homes.

beijing home
Beijing condos and townhouses

beijing condo
Beijing Condo 

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